Idea Shop WebApp

Summer 2021 Project/Developer Position

During the 2021 Summer semester, I have remained at Illinois Tech to work on the development team for the Idea Shop Safety Quiz and WebApp ( This project entails utilizing the Flask Web Development Framework to implement shop safety training and live status information for the Idea Shop.

The WebApp had previously been utilized only for serving interactive quizzes to ensure students are aware of shop safety procedures. Now, the app will serve video content, live information about the status of shop tools, and be a new web “dashboard” for Idea Shop staff and visitors.

During this project, I have been required to write Python code to interface with a MariaDB server using SQLAlchemy, web endpoint routes in Flask to register different webpages to users, Jinja2 templates to dynamically serve webpages, and various front end languages to develop a clean user interface. To accomplish this, we have put an emphasis on the utility of Bootstrap elements wherever possible.

Alexander Lukens
Alexander Lukens
Software Engineer

Electrical Engineering Graduate from Illinois Institute of Technology