simdjson Document Size Limit

During my research of Json parsing libraries for C++, I came across simdjson: A library that promises 4x faster parsing than RapidJSON and While this library does indeed perform faster than other C++ JSON libraries, I ran into an issue with maximum single document size when utilizing this library. Simdjson supports a maximum single document size of 4GB, and defers to using JSONLines to support larger documents, as a single, large document should be represented as several smaller, individual documents grouped together. Until this point, I was utilizing the JSON format as a single, monolithic datastore for proprietary AI knowledge storage, but this limitation caused me to reflect and consider the alternatives. Instead of formatating the knowledgebase as a single document, the same data could be easily formatted into several, smaller and incremental storage documents. This allowed for a simpler parsing mechanism to be used, and increased the robustness of the code.

The larger, monolithic data store was inadequate for long-term usage, and was destined to be retired, but was instrumental to the overall design of the data structure. The smaller, multi-document implementation of data storage (using the jsonlines format) has remained to be scalable, and has retained usability from the monolithic data structure. In the future, I will keep in mind these limitations future applications, and ensure that when applications reach large data thresholds, that they use an appropriate data storage mechanism, instead of falling back on JSON.

Alexander Lukens
Alexander Lukens
Software Engineer

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